Climate News – July edition

Science and fudging

The UK Met Office’s 2007 warning of runaway warming over the next 7 years has been disproven. Forecast in red, actual in black – alarmists should stick to generalities!

Steve Goddard shows how US data is being continually “normalised” – the raw temperature data is adjusted and this fabricated trend is very much higher than the original data. The US has actually been cooling since the 1930s.

Although the IPCC is forced to acknowledge the lack of evidence for increasing droughts, in spite of previous warnings, Australia’s BoM and CSIRO have long promoted the inevitability of drought as a result of human induced warming. They persist with this line, having failed to climb on board with the revised IPCC thinking. Marohasy et al have sifted through the Australian BoM data and found it deficient, if not deliberately distorted. The BoM had claimed “We know every place across Australia is getting hotter, and very similarly almost every place on this planet. So, you know, we know it is getting hotter and we know it will continue to get hotter. It’s a reality, and something we will be living with for the rest of this century.”

Policy developments

The Clive Palmer/Al Gore alliance in favour of subsidies for renewable energy and the “Clean Energy Finance Corporation” shows the vacuum that is Al Gore and the stuntmanship of Clive Palmer. So much commentary. This from The Australian and this ($) also in The Australian on the policy matters: carbon tax to be replaced by highly conditional cap-and-trade; renewable energy target kept; wasteful green energy bank kept; superfluous advisory paraphernalia kept. Is Australia governable?

The Australian renewable regulations scheme was admirably excoriated by backbencher Kelly O’Dwyer, who shows how a minor program was massively expanded by the ALP/Greens into an economy-buster. And the Prime Minister said the RET, posed a “serious threat” to household budgets and energy-intensive industries. Many continue to believe the magic pudding of subsidies: green press commentators really thought ACiL, hired by the government to assess the renewable energy target, in showing that subsidies can temporarily lower prices, were actually arguing that the higher the subsidy the better off we’d all be!

Australia has its own equivalents of financial market experts like Hank Paulson and Michael Bloomberg who seek to direct financial resources away from coal. Still, all is justified once you realise that climate change has been the cause of the rise of ISIS, the Islamic terrorist group. Victor Davis Hanson notes that the climate of Iraq is similar to southern California, so there may be something worse than Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi!

Green ruminants

The new Indian Government has made its stance against growth-curbing emission reductions absolutely clear and the Indian intelligence agency continues to telegraph a targeting of Greenpeace and its funding of activists like Vandana Shiva and others for abusing regulatory procedures to inappropriately preventing the development of coal and modern farming.

Australia harbours similar enemies. Metgasco’s Len Gill has illustrated how the NSW government ($) is bowing to populist pressure to prevent gas development (Victoria with an outright ban is even worse). NSW now faces steeply rising gas prices. The US has a far more accommodating stance and over half of the world’s gas and oil drilling rigs are there, with Texas alone having 26 per cent.

What is it about green leaders refusing to live the lifestyles they urge on others? We have Al Gore with his multiple mansions, EPA chief Gina McCarthy with a weekly commute between Washington and Boston, and now we have the head of Greenpeace in Europe who has been “commuting between Luxembourg and Amsterdam” since he took the job in 2012. Is the price of leadership being forced into sacrificing personal preferences of frugality for the greater good?

If you want to learn more about the hypocrisy of the environmental movement don’t miss Professor Ian Plimer’s new book, Not for Greens. The IPA is hosting launches in Melbourne on 22 July and Brisbane on 28 July.

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