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Climate News – June Edition

The global battle on climate change policies

Michael Mann says he is the real thing and his detractors are crooks in the pay of Murdoch and sundry child-eaters. President Obama may agree – he is exercising his inner Kevin Rudd and using the EPA to bypass Congress in closing down coal power stations,  he wants to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 30 per cent. He suggested that rather than having an adverse effect this will boost the economy by $43 billion to $74 billion. Yeah right! Obama was adamant five years ago that Spain with wind subsidies was the future, he said, “They’re surging ahead of us, poised to take the lead in these new industries.” For a contemporary view on the disaster that is wind-fuelled Spain, see this. Fortunately, our own Prime Minister favours low cost energy and sees real merit in coal as an energy source and reiterated the axing of the carbon tax as his number one priority.

Obama claims hurricanes will increase without his latest coal-suppressing actions. It is doubtful he would be interested in data showing no increase of hurricanes in recent years . Obama’s latest National Climate Assessment makes incorrect statements like, “recent decades have seen unusual warming”, and “there is an increase in extreme weather events”. A score of prestigious independent scientists have systematically dissected these statements and shown them to be false. Another debunked myth is that of the soon-to-be-extinct polar bears;  unsurprisingly it turns out that like so many climate scare tales it was completely made-up.

Last week’s Indonesian volcanic eruption is likely to disrupt air travel. How long before the latest ‘pause’ in warming is blamed on this? Oh wait! It has already been foreshadowed.

Oh No!! It’s becoming official, climate change is creating Frankenstein trout. What next? Yes, you guessed it – global warming is causing an upsurge in extra-marital dalliances.

That may or may not be welcome news for those losing their jobs in Germany’s green energy industry. Not only are German green job numbers falling but the nation has just realised that seven out of ten of the green jobs will disappear once their subsidy is removed.

Texas is one US state that is thriving. Could it be because of its low taxes and refusal to discourage cheap energy so much favoured by the President and his henchmen? Surely not.

Developments in Australia

Rio Tinto is to power a new bauxite mine in Queensland by solar. But the $23 million facility is supported by government funding of $11 million from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.  The government wants to terminate this but its Green/ALP predecessor placed booby traps to prevent this and installed the former CEO of WWF as its Chair to ensure it would continue its wasteful outlays.

Efforts in Australia to dismantle wasteful carbon-suppression schemes continue. With $5 billion a year to be carved off government funding and the $10 billion a year carbon tax to go, attention is on the Renewable Energy Target, under review at present. The rent-seekers gained sustenance by the New South Wales government lobbying to retain the scheme

The Victorian government has announced it is to abandon the state based VEET, a program that requires energy businesses to provide energy saving measures to customers; it claims the VEET repeal will save consumers an average $50 a year from their bills with total savings estimated to be $700 million over the next 15 years. The Energy Efficiency Council lobby group has announced it “will be taking an exceptionally hard line on this unacceptable decision”. Queensland may be having second thoughts on its state solar rooftop scheme after the Queensland Competition Council issued an estimate that it will cost households $106 per year in 2014/15 – double what it cost last year – thereby wiping out half the price fall of the repeal of the carbon tax.

The Victorian government however blotted its copybook with a pusillanimous cowering to noisy left zealots – it announced a ban on all gas drilling. First they came for the frackers, then it was the turn of the horizontal drillers, then all hydrocarbon developments.

And on the subject of fracking, this sting on Hollywood stalwarts and prominent environmentalists shows them taking a bribe of $9 million from a fake Saudi princeling to do an anti-fracking film in the interests of stemming US self sufficiency. These people will stoop to any depths.

But hope is present with independents. Senator-elect Bob Day speaks for many of us in a letter to The Hon. Greg Hunt when he says, “the Renewable Energy Target scheme should never have been enacted and plans for an Emissions Reduction Fund should be put on hold until a comprehensive inquiry has been held.”

And Ian Plimer has a terrific new book out, Not for Greens, which shows the interrelationships of innovation, coal, energy finance  and trade in creating and maintaining the living standards we enjoy. The IPA will be helping to launch Ian’s book around Australia – details to be announced soon.