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Climate News – June Edition No. 2

Policy developments

The Guardian took the IPA submission to the Renewable Energy Target as its main frame of reference in a comprehensive examination of the issue.


Many Australian economic models forecast gains from renewable energy subsidies – here is one forecasting the bleedin’ obvious that taxes on energy reduce income.  Environment Minister Greg Hunt was forced to back down on his pledge to spend $500 million on solar roofs but taunts Labor on its preparation to back down on the carbon tax.

Australia’s Greens Party remains keen on wasting money. In addition to opposing every possible savings measure they are seeking to force another vote on the $10 billion Clean Energy Fund, thus providing an election trigger. According to Essential Vision’s June 17 report, 53% (down 3% since April) of Australians agree that “climate change is happening and is caused by human activity”. A neutrally phrased  Galaxy survey commissioned by the IPA three months ago put the number of Australians who believe “global warming is happening and humans are to blame” at 37% and only 4% said they would pay over $1000 a year to prevent it.

The UN Secretary-General’s spokesman was correct when he said climate change, “Is clearly the defining issue of our time, there’s clearly a huge amount at stake.” Following his policies would lead to economic distress, as all but misty-eyed greens realise. India has recognised Greenpeace as its enemy, labelling it a threat to national security because of its success in stymieing nuclear and impeding coal power. Greenpeace also seems to have lost money on currency speculation.

Estimates of Obama’s 30% cuts in emissions by 2030 program indicate that it is simply validating what is likely to occur given the growth of shale oil – but it will, if it survives, create a vast new regulatory framework.

Climate data and forecasts

All this warm winter weather in Australia surely foreshadows the global warming trend!  Nope – the satellite data shows the warming of 1979 to 1995 is still stubbornly “paused”.


This is not really surprising since a warm Australia was countered by cool weather in the US. Obamaists no longer maintain that was the cause of the failure of the US economy to grow as planned.

Warmistas cannot take a trick – Antarctic ice is 10% above its historical average as shown below.

antarctic ice

And Anthony Watts reports that there is a well reasoned body of research which suggests temperatures might decline by one degree Celsius in the years to 2020.

Steve Goddard highlights the poverty of the global alarmists’ forecasts recalling gems like “leading atmospheric scientist, NASA’s Dr Rasool” who forecasted that a new ice age was to start about now, and Dr Viner of East Anglia proclaiming snowfalls are a thing of the past. And who can forget nutty Al Gore who proclaimed a 75% chance that the Arctic would be ice free by 2014.

Developments within official climate institutions

A “peer reviewed” survey, conducted by people that Heartland’s James Taylor considers warmists, found only 36% of scientists subscribe to the dangerous human-induced warming theory.  Moreover, even though warmistas are also losing the battle of the data they retain control of the institutions and will de-frock anyone who expresses doubt about warming.  The latest is the Institute of Policy Studies which has terminated the 23 year fellowship of Washington’s American University Professor Caleb Rossiter for his views on “climate justice.”

And the demonising stories keep coming. Among the latest is that climate change will lead to increased mental illness.