Climate News – December Edition 2

Australia’s Energy White Paper and carbon costs

The previous government’s “Energy White Paper” was issued just over a year ago, but the new government has announced it will do it all again. The new White Paper, like the previous one, will be developed by the Energy (now called Industry) Department and have a reference group including green, consumerist and industry representatives.  It is supposed to “outline a coherent, integrated and efficient regulatory and policy framework, stimulating sustainable growth, building community confidence in environmental safeguards and growing investment in the energy sector.”  It “will also consider lower emissions energy and the more productive and efficient use of energy.”  It is to be completed by September 2014.

There is also to be a review of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) but no timing or procedure has yet been set. The Guardian also reported this week encouraging remarks from Prime Minister Tony Abbott on the RET – including potentially scrapping the scheme altogether.

The Australian Energy Market Commission has assessed residential electricity prices where it estimated that the carbon tax adds 9 per cent to final consumer prices (24 per cent to costs excluding networks) and renewables and other green schemes add 7 per cent to final consumer prices (16 per cent to costs excluding networks).

Trends, forecasts and fantasies

Just to keep perspective, this chart exposes the absurd predictions of the IPCC. It compares the global average temperature increase predicted by climate models with the actual observed warming, using two of the major data sets. The first (the green dotted line) measures sea-surface temperatures collected by the Hadley Centre at the UK Met Office and the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia. The second (the blue dotted line) is the UAH lower troposphere measure of temperatures from the University of Alabama at Huntsville.

As you can see, the average predicted temperature rise (the black dotted line) far exceeds both actual measures of temperature, and exposes the exaggerated claims made by the IPCC and others.


As Canadian Lawrence Solomon said in the Huffington Post, a number of highly respected scientists are now predicting a cooling of the climate, which has been grudgingly accepted by the warmist propaganda outfit, the BBC.  Solomon adds, “The global warming scientists — with their models defunct and now acting on hope rather than science — assert that temperatures will soon renew their climb.” Others take a contrary view.

Imagine the hysteria if – and it was a 50/50 chance – the earth had shown higher average temperatures over the past 17 years!

But, riding to the relief of alarmism, The Guardian reported that Australia is having its “warmest Spring on record.”  However, that reprieve of the doom-mongers was short-lived because Time has since reported that Antarctica had just recorded temperatures close to the coldest on record.  And the extent of the ice is breaking new records.  Even the Arctic, long the poster child of warmist hysteria, has seen stable temperatures over the past decade, as the below chart demonstrates.


Two excellent articles in the November issue of the IPA Review by Jennifer Marohasy and Stewart Franks are well worth reading. Jennifer calls for alternative forecasting tools to the general circulation models that have been found wanting. Stewart notes warmists’ grasping at straws in the form of climate aberrations to support their case and that their fervour contrasts to “the ability to attribute these events to atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations.”

Police your global support

Attending global climate talks isn’t as cool as it used to be. The number of attendants at recent talkfests is on a downward trajectory, surpassed only by that of governments like Australia.


Those reading this will be aware that green-sanctified energy, produced courtesy of subsidies in Australia, is at least three times the cost of commercially available energy.  But in the UK, Bishop Hill has dissected an address given by the Energy and Climate Change Secretary that places the cost of each green job at £1 million.

Many corporates have for far too long given aid and comfort to those who want to end their business. Finally, they seem to be waking up.  Shell’s climate change adviser, having attended a “Radical Emission Reduction” conference, seems to have cottoned onto the fact that the clients Shell bankrolls want the end of the industrial system.


Snow in Egypt for the first time in 112 years disproves global warming more effectively than the last hurricane proved it! This pic of the pyramids ripe for ski lifts is photoshopped but snow in Egypt is real.


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