Climate News – August Edition

It ain’t half hot

Those claiming that the missing heat has been hiding in the deep oceans will find little comfort from this data by Roy Spencer which shows the ocean’s surface temperature with the same 17 years flat trend as the air temperature. The trend from 1995 is flat as a tack (but if you want to do a trend from 2011, it is shooting through the roof!)

spencer ocean

A new paper claims to have detected a human induced increase in water vapour in the upper troposphere; water vapour according to many scientists is an important amplifier of warming by carbon dioxide but if the finding is corroborated it still fails to explain the 17 year “pause” in warming.

That said, according to this research, most people around the world – ranging from 54 per cent of Americans to 93 per cent of Chinese - think that climate change is due to human action.

Warwick Hughes notes a USA today report that claims May and June were the hottest on record but he goes to the monthly satellite data and finds the claims are incorrect.

And confirmation of a long pre-industrial emissions gradual increase in global temperatures is provided by Don Aitkin who draws attention to the evidence of a 300 kilometre march south by the North American tree line in the two centuries to the 1970s.

Andrew Montford pillories a new article by University of East Anglia militant academic Heike Schroeder who has only absorbed alarmist stories and to save the world says we have to abandon modern agriculture.

Watts Up With That notes that the planet’s soil releases 60 billion tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere every year, more than from burning fossil fuels.  Land globally absorbs around 23 per cent of emissions from fossil fuels and cement.  That’s  2.23 billion tonnes of carbon or a little over 8 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide.  As Australia comprises 1.5 per cent of the world land area, our share is around 123 million tonnes a year, which is a sizeable proportion of the 174 million tonnes a year estimated to be emitted from Australian electricity production. Total Australian emissions are about 600 million tonnes a year.

Renewable energy

Renewable subsidies have cost Germany $884 billion, and have contributed to driving electricity prices to more than double those of the US.

For Australia, ACCI released a report by Deloittes which placed the national benefit from immediately abolishing the Renewable Energy Target at $29 billion and $14 billion, if it were to be cut back, to the 20 per cent of electricity as originally intended. In the Australian Financial Review, The Australia Institute maintains its idiotic stance that forcing consumers to pay for exotic renewables costing three times the price of commercial electricity means cheaper prices!

Policy and diplomacy

British climate sceptic Environment Minister Owen Paterson was fired by PM Cameron who bows to the ” Green Blob that besieged (Paterson) with their self-serving demands, many of which would have harmed the natural environment”. Paterson considers the UK Environment Department to be staffed by green activists or sympathisers.  But Britain has said it won’t sign on for emission reductions without China and India, something that makes the Paris 2015 meeting redundant.

A “Climate Change Performance Index” concludes that no country is doing enough to prevent “dangerous climate change”; Australia is in the Heinz position, 57th with only Canada, Iran, Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia lower. Predictably plucky Denmark is judged best ahead of a clutch of other EU countries. Poland, host of last years climate conference jamboree, comes under particular criticism for its “destructive position within the climate debate in the EU”.

The highly politicised weekly, Nature carries the torch for a 2015 international climate change agreement, arguing that Australia’s relapse is not fatal to consummating this and, in passing, claiming “parts of Australia, already plagued by frequent heat, drought and floods, are excessively vulnerable to climate change and its effect on extreme weather”. Yeah right, just like the past million years!

Miranda Devine traces the con trick that Malcolm Turnbull played on John Howard to persuade him to agree to a cap-and-trade climate policy and illuminates the rogues’ gallery of malice driven politicians and activists squealing at the Australian decision to abandon the tax. She reminds us that in 2009, Australia’s Chief Scientist, Professor Penny Sackett, said we had only five years to stop catastrophic global warming! Australia is among the many countries that appoints embellishers to guide its climate change policy.

The US Senate has revealed the Billionaire’s Club of charities funded by left wing individuals that are dominating Obama’s environmental policy and key staffing positions.  As well as having received over $3 billion in grants from the EPA, favourable tax treatment has allowed the top 16 green groups to amass assets currently worth $7.9 billion.  James Delingpole has a great summary of the mutual assistance these leftists provide to and obtain from the Obama administration.

And budget crisis notwithstanding, the US government is flush with funds so much so that it is sending 10 students to witness climate change at a conference in Sydney in November.

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